"For faith is the substance of things hoped for & the evidence of things not seen". Belief is having faith, for without faith you still don't believe! Be in silence & Stillness seeking truth., Use this meditation application to suggest to yourself "truthfulness in scripture, "The teachings of Christ & the disciples. The meditation app to confirm your faith with affirmation suggestions. Soon you will feel greatly relieved of your unbelief, and walk in faith.

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The Faithful Prophet Elijah

A story of faith: Use great biblical story to proof your faith, a great evening time story for the family time. The Faithful Prophet Elijah, up against King Ahab and his evil wife the Jezebel spirit that still lives up to this very day from over 3,000 years ago.

Elijahs faith asked God to stop the rain for 3 years, caused the Lord God to bring down fire to personally burn & devour an offering during a contest of the Gods where the others were a no show, in fear of the Lord God.  Jezebel used king Ahabs shoulders to influence 450-diciples to worship idol worshipers, and deny God, but were all soon proven to be wrong in the judgement of their choices. 

This is an historically great biblical read, Get your copy while you still can...