Login & View Meditation Video Application: Millionaire auto suggestion Affirmations for programing the belief system. - This requires a steady constant gaze/look at the meditation hypotonic vortex. - The optical illusionary hypnotic effect is designed to synch the visual affirmation on the screen through to the subconscious mind in real-time effects. The repetitive impressions upon the subconscious mind will add the suggested affirmations to be come part of the core belief system of self, Making this the added new reality of self expression.

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Millionaire Mindset

Auto suggestion Affirmations for programing the belief system 

Thoughts that are not ingrained/programed in the core belief system, as the essence of your being, meaning your make up of self, what you stand for, the expression of who you are, these thoughts are only wishful thinking, at best, random thoughts of no substance. 

FACTS: Whatever is written in the core belief system, is associated & paired sensations of feelings, perception, imagination which employs a flow of universal laws that will bring forth these believed thoughts into the creators reality, in coincidences and materialism...